Established in 2011
In the 80's this pre-fab building originally served as a drive-thru photo mat...remember the days of taking a photograph and having to wait days before you know how it turned out?

In the early 90's, the photo lab was retrofitted into its first cafe / coffee house and neighborhood hangout.

In January 2011, the location was transformed once again, but this time into an urban cafe with a flex concept. This new concept allows the atmosphere to completely transform from day to night. The days feel like a hip indie espresso bar / cafe, serving espresso, breakfast + lunch + light cocktails. The flow is fast-paced as patrons order at the counter, in the drive-thru or call in pick-up orders. Then after 4pm something magical happens, the cafe turns into a trendy lounge / restaurant. The atmosphere is dark and cozy, lit with candles, table service begins and cocktails + dinner are served.

It has been stated by many patrons that they feel like they are in two completely different establishments. Perhaps that's why many of them join us twice a day, multiple times a week.

we support local

Check out some of our local friends + partners:

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Shea Wellness Group


here + now

Many thanks to Tory Garcia and Sonoran Living for creating a video that encompasses all that we are and all we have to offer.

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why we're unique

the atmosphere
Urban, modern, hip and full of good energy. We've created an environment that makes you feel like you're looking out the windows of a big city. Sitting as our centerpiece, a 100-year old reclaimed wood bar, a.k.a the best seat in the house.

We're a place where days feel like a bustling espresso bar / cafe, while nights feel like an intimate and cozy lounge / restaurant. It's like two different places all in one.

No matter who you are, our culture is to make you feel like this is your place and it truly is. We created it for you and every thought went into your experience with it.

the patio
Our patio is often to referred to an oasis. There's a certain energy that has been created by the surrounding trees, plants and cacti that is enclosed with industrial steel fencing. Eight months of the year the patio is flourishing with life while misters and heaters run in the background.

we're dog-friendly
In 2011, restaurants were finally allowed to have dog-friendly patios. We jumped at the opportunity to share our space with our four-legged friends, even offering Yappy Hour every Saturday during the season and inviting local pet businesses such as groomers and pet adoption places to join in the fun.

Check out the Dog Rules

the drive-thruProscuitto, fresh mozzarella, mascarpone...have you ever seen these items in a drive-thru menu before? Our drive-thru was created for convenience. Though our items do take time to prepare, the quality food and drinks served from it is one of a kind and partrons are willing to wait.

coffee | food | cocktails
From our locally roasted beans, to unique high-quality food, to the full bar, we have it all. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and our 12-Hour Happy Hour is always a winner!

the neighborhood + community
This North Phoenix neighborhood a.k.a Up-Uptown* is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a tight knit neighborhood that was built in the 60's. Elegant homes sit on the base of these mountains while the surrounding neighborhood enjoys the views. Hikers, bikers and runners from around the valley enjoy the mountains resources, while the locals take part in the many local businesses. Neighbors love 32 SHEA and treat as if it is their own.

* Up-Uptown is a Copyright of Rebecca Golden